About us

For several years now, with my husband, we have been trying to reduce our impact on the Earth and to consume more responsibly. We realized that it was not always easy to find products that met our criteria: local, eco-responsible, sustainable. And while it is possible in the food industry to verify the origin and composition of ingredients, this is rarely the case for clothing and other consumer goods.


This is why, after the birth of our second daughter, I had the idea of helping parents who share our values to find products that meet their expectations. This is how Bobokid came to be.


The idea is simple: bring together small European producers who offer sustainable and responsible products but also to offer you second-hand clothes to dress your children in a more ecological way.


All new products are scrutinized and I offer you the guarantee of local, mainly European manufacture. And if you ever discover an inconsistency while doing your research, let me know and I will correct the assortment accordingly.


The range offered is still small, but Bobokid will grow to meet your expectations while respecting the values that are at the origin of its creation.


I wish you a pleasant discovery and do not hesitate to contact me via the link contact us. If you are a manufacturer or producer yourself and want to be part of the Bobokid adventure, I will be happy to answer your questions.


See you soon,