Bamboo Toothbrush Children
Bamboo Toothbrush Children
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Bamboo Toothbrush Children

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The APO Child bamboo toothbrush is an alternative to plastic toothbrushes, for a very soft brushing. For 2 years.

Its specificities?
- A head composed of filaments of plant origin, made from castor oil
- Filaments in rounded shape to take care of our gums
- A straight cut for a very soft brushing
- A natural bamboo handle

The sleeves are personalized with small symbols: it is no longer possible to make mistakes with your bathroom neighbor!

A natural handle, made of 100% FSC® bamboo from well-managed forests, without varnish or treatment. A variety of bamboo that is not consumed by pandas, and therefore does not hinder the survival of the species. Bamboo growth can exceed 1 meter per day and does not require pesticides. It is therefore a rapidly renewable natural resource, ideal for an everyday product!
→ A greener handle: reduces plastic waste compared to a conventional toothbrush.

→ Zero plastic objective: the APO bamboo toothbrush is sent in a 100% recyclable cardboard box!

Made in China (where bamboo grows!), A production controlled by independent laboratories.

Tips for use and maintenance:
- Rinse the head of your toothbrush before its first use.
- Rinse with clean water after each use and remove toothpaste residue.
- Change your toothbrush at least every 3 months.
- Brushing of children under 6 years old must be supervised by an adult.
- Avoid putting the toothbrush in a glass where standing water could damage it prematurely.

Our tip?
Don't hesitate to recycle your toothbrush before throwing it away: to clean your shoes or to do the housework.